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Beeswax Insect Balm 15g
Price RM45.00
Product SKU product-1618904190447
Brand Mr Honey
Reward Points 45
Points Needed 900
Availability 20
This product has a maximum quantity of 25

Beeswax Insect Balm ingredients:

  1. Pure Beeswax
  2. Gromwell root
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Menthol

Benefits of Beeswax Insect Balm :

Beeswax Insect Balm has :

  1. anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial , anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect

Beeswax Insect balm is able to :

  1. reduce eczema and psoriasis
  2. heal the skin’s wounds
  3. reduce swelling and pain caused by mosquito bites,insect bites and bee stings
  4. relieve itchiness quickly
  5. helps to cool skin
  6. reduce skin irritation
  7. skin repair
  8. reduce redness caused by drying
  9. smoothen scars and body acne
  10. treat skin yeast
  11. supports cell reconstruction and health
  12. hydrate and calm the skin
  13. act as a good moisturizer for chapped skin and cracked skin
  14. reduce the appearance of fine lines ,scars and stretch marks
  15. heal haemorrhoid  and toenail fungus
  16. relieve minor headaches
  17. cool and soothe minor burns
  18. create a warming sensation that can distract from pain and stiffness.
  19. heal broken skin and protect healthy skin



-Keep in a cool and dry place

-Avoid direct exposure of sunlight



Apply on the surface of the wound

(External use only)



- Keep out of reach of children

- If you experience any allergies , please stop taking immediately and consult a physician or pharmacist.


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