Every SUNDAY 9.30am - 12pm , Mr Honey Bees Farm will harvest honey for public to visit. Please feel free to drop by ! No entrance fees needed .Thank you very much ~
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Pure Mature Honeycomb Harvesting Process
Pure Mature Honeycomb harvesting process
Pure Mature Honey harvesting process.
Pure Mature Honey harvesting process
Mr Honey Bees Farm provides 100% pure mature honey for all customers. We assure customers the most perfect quality of honey with MESTI and HALAL certifications. We open from 9.30am to 5.30pm everyday.
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We make sure our bees all have good genes to produce the highest quality honey. The purity of honey can be only identified by lab test, self-beekeeping and observing the whole honey harvesting process.
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We are happy that our products are able to help our customers health
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Royal Jelly is a secretion of honeybee that is used in the nutrition of larvae , as well as adult queens. It is secreted from the glands hypopharynx of nurse bees and fed to all larvae in the colony
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Bee propolis, a compound which is produced by bees from the sap on needle-leaves trees or evergreens . When they combine with sap with their discharges and beeswax ,they create sticky product that coat to build their hives
Introducing Mr Honey Bees Farm Propolis Glycolic Extract
Mr Honey Bees Farm provides the most perfect quality of honey for our customers. Your health is our priority.
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Mr Honey Bees Farm is recognised as the most famous bees farm in Malaysia .Mr Honey Bees Farm produces the most professional beekeepers and produces the most genuine honey in Malaysia . We are certified by Halal & MESTI MALAYSIA
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